Can You Let Go Of Stress?

Do you feel anxious and stressed for the past few days? Are you tired of feeling negativity and adversity in your day-to-day life? Does it bother you to experience some mental health concerns or issues? If you said yes, then it is time for you to consider eliminating stress in your life as soon as possible. Keep in mind that harboring this kind of negative emotion can have several adverse effects on your part.

According to Nicholette Leanza LPCC-S, Believe it or not, your brain could be wired for anxiety, anger or any other negative thoughts, feelings or perceptions about yourself and the world.” As such, do not fret because there are several ways on how you can make it happen.




In this article, we are going to provide you with some tips or techniques that you can use. The purpose is to guide and encourage everyone to find a way to eliminate stress in one’s life. If you are successful in making this happen, then you are bound to experience the best things that life has to offer. Below are the strategies to remember:


Change Your Mindset


Are you aware that the way you think can affect the way you feel? Because of this, it is crucial on your part to learn how to change your mindset. You need to stop thinking of negativity so that you will not attract more of it in your life. Remember that harboring negativity will only make things more difficult for you. Once you notice that it has consumed your thoughts, find a way to change your mindset as soon as possible. Jamie Marich, Ph.D., LPCC-S, LICDC-CS, RMT said “Our moods are affected by our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about ourselves and the world around us.”




Be With Happy People


The quality of people that you have in your life can also affect the kind of life that you will have. As such, it is best if you continue to surround yourself with the right persons at all times. Do not be afraid to choose whom to make friends within the office or in your community. Remind yourself that you do not need to force any form of friendship or relationship. Otherwise, you will only end up punishing yourself. The right thing to do is to think twice before you start choosing the people who should stay in your life.


Live A Healthy Lifestyle


Take note that you must also learn to consider performing physical exercises at all times. Make sure that you follow a healthy lifestyle in everything that you do. Failure to do this can have a negative impact on your mental wellness. As such, it is ideal if you will go to the gym regularly or do home exercises in your own room. Aside from this, you can also start to observe a balanced diet. As much as possible, always watch your food intake so that you will not feel any level of stress. Always put in mind that consuming food items that are high in fat, cholesterol, and unwanted compounds can be dangerous for your health. Think twice before you eat your meals. If possible, observe the nutritional packs printed on the label. In so doing, it will be a lot easier for you to be mindful of your food consumption.




Take note that according to Trudi Griffin, LPC, “Understand the power of your attitude toward yourself. How you perceive yourself, how you talk about yourself, and how you represent yourself eventually becomes the reality for you.”