What Are The Women-Related Diseases That Can Also Affect Men?



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If you’re fond of viewing different video clips online, you’ll see that more content producers show men trying stuff that only women can do, biologically speaking or not. That includes putting makeup on, stimulating pregnancy, wearing high heels, taking contraceptive pills, etc. In the end, they tend to express how lucky they are to be born without such worries.

While there’s nothing offensive in that statement, there are still women-related diseases that can also affect men. Read on to know more about them.

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Breast Cancer

As unbelievable as it seems, guys are not exempted from acquiring breast cancer. The reason is that men, like women, have breast tissues where lumps can develop. They are just more abundant in the latter, so the cases involving the former are quite rare.


The products that promote bone health for aged folks often depict females alone. That is an absolute misrepresentation, however, because the senior males can have osteoporosis too.

In truth, the bone density in men can deplete rapidly once they go beyond the 50s. It’s just that the usual signs that women notice are not too obvious when it comes to the opposite sex.


Lupus causes the swelling of glands, eyes, joints, and legs. As an autoimmune disease, scientists are yet to figure out what makes people obtain such an illness. It can also be difficult to find a lot of information regarding men who have this disease since 90% of the diagnosed patients belong to the female population.

Yeast Infection

Fungal infection is another disorder that males can get but is normally just linked to women. Honestly speaking, the microscopic yeast strains that may already be inside or outside the body may germinate in moist regions. Meaning, the inner part of the mouth and the foreskin. The risk increases if you’re either a diabetic or popping antibiotics a lot.

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Thyroid Diseases

An illness involving the thyroid glands occurs when your system generates too much (hyperthyroidism) or too little (hypothyroidism) of metabolism-regulating hormones. Weight gain, lack of sleep, and mood swings are the common symptoms of hypothyroidism, while hyperthyroidism causes weight and energy losses.

Bladder Infections

Urinary tract infection (UTI) and diverse bladder-related diseases are typically associated with females. Regardless of that, males have a tendency to acquire any of them as well due to possible prostate or kidney issues. The infection becomes evident once it’s painful to urinate, there’s blood mixed with the urine, and there’s fever.

Male Menopause

The problem may not be familiar to you, yet know that middle-aged men may experience the symptoms of menopause too. Doctors blame it on the decline of testosterone levels that males go through as they age.

Eating Disorder

Women are predominantly connected to eating disorders because of body image, but men may also suffer from it. The list can comprise the gay, the obese, and the athletic – different types of males who often feel the need to conform to beauty standards. Few are diagnosed, though, as not everyone can admit that they have this issue.