What Stress Does To Underlying Diseases

Change, according to sayings of old, is the only constant thing on the planet.

Simply put, it is your body’s natural reaction to any danger or pressure. The cause may be different each time, yet stress can still take a toll on your well-being. Now, it appears like something else is vying for the same recognition. “Dealing with distress is difficult. By its very nature, distress is great pain, acute suffering, and extreme misfortune,” said Casey Radle, LPC. In fact, there are studies linking it to a broad range of illnesses.

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How Stress Aggravates Ailments

Stress is technically a psychological strain that affects anyone. Since it occurs in mind, though, many may not accept that it can make your current health condition worse. But stress is very much capable of doing so because it slows down your system from acting against inflammations. Hence, by the time the antibodies come into force, the pathogens already began spreading.

What Stress Does To Diseases

Being aware of the illnesses that life pressure may inflict on you allows you to tread on stressful waters with caution. Below are some of them.

Jeremy Savage, MA, LPC said “Mindfulness is a helpful skill to learn because it lets you observe these “uncomfortable thoughts, feelings and physical sensations without judgment.”

Exacerbate Diabetes

When you’re stressed out, you tend to deal with the negative feelings

Cause Asthma

Children rarely have demanding activities to worry about, so they should ideally be safe from stress. As it turns out, however, the mother can pass it on to them during pregnancy. The stakes of acquiring asthma from birth, therefore, increases.

Worsen Alzheimer’s Disease

The lesions that appear in the brain of an Alzheimer’s patient may grow in size or number with stress at play. While nothing’s set in stones, it’s essential to reduce the sources of the latter to thwart speeding up the degeneration.

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Promote Obesity

of cortisol becomes unbalanced. Thus, you may detect that your pants or dresses no longer fit your body.

Intensify Insomnia

Sleep deprivation comes to light when you accept more tasks than you can manage. When your mind should be resting, various ideas may run rampant even with your eyes closed. If you don’t do something about it, the problem can lead to insomnia.

Cause Ulcer

This gastrointestinal problem is known to affect the lining of several internal organs, including esophagus, stomach, and intestines. Scientists link stress to it since you either consume unhealthy meals or not eat at all; hence, the bad bacteria can take over your gut.

Source: https://www.onhealth.com/

Bring About Coronary Diseases

An increase in the cortisol generation may also influence heart attacks from taking place after a while. Too much of this hormone can encourage the white blood cells to stick to the blood vessels. The action creates plaque, which will then stop the regular blood flow to and from the pumping muscle.


To eliminate the chances of acquiring or elevating the symptoms of a disease, stay away from activities or people that cause your stress. Elizabeth York, M.Ed, LPC, LMFT says “An understanding of the basics of stress management may help.”