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April 2020

Lifestyle Adjustments During A Pandemic Crisis

All of us are freaking out about the pandemic situation brought by this Coronavirus. And perhaps, some of us are obsessively watching the news to get the latest updates and whatnots. Some of us are worrying too much too of leaving their house to the fear of getting infected. Then some are choosing to self-isolate themselves because the situation mentally and emotionally drains them. The pandemic is causing us all these excessive worry, panic, and anxiety.


Watching the ripple effect of COVID-19 is undeniable. Lots of individuals are getting infected, and some are dying. Yes, we must follow the health precautions. But we also have to stop piling up negativity in heads every time we hear and see unwanted news. Of course, there are things that we can’t control. But in times like this, we need to focus on the things that we can manage.

With all the uncertainty that is pandemic-related is causing us right now, the best thing we can do is consider lifestyle adjustment. Yes, it won’t be that easy for everyone because we have different needs. But let us take a moment to convince ourselves that for us to be able to get through this situation, we need to change something for the better. So how can we manage to do that?


  • Practice Mindfulness – To ease anxiety, we need to understand that our way of thinking is responsible for our wellbeing’s inability to respond to situations appropriately. Therefore, we must practice controlling our thoughts. We need to focus on the positive side of everything that has been going on. That way, we can become more drawn to serenity and calmness instead of stress and anxiety.
  • Eating Healthy – Most people’s lifestyle damages are from their eating habits. Since we consider ourselves busy people, we do often overthink about the types of food we eat. We are used to take-outs and fast-food because it is convenient. But since the COVID-19 virus affects our immune system, then it requires a boost. Therefore, choosing healthy food is the best adjustment we can make.


  • Avoid The News – As much as we want to know what’s happening around us, we need to understand the effect of negative news on our emotional and mental strength. We need to avoid adding health damage to the already rampant global health crisis. The numbers of infected and dying people are unfortunately going to get higher. So there is not much we can do with that. There is no point in watching something that can tear down the last thing we need to have – mental health.
  • Read And Learn – Experts say that the only way we can control a situation is by learning about it. Therefore, instead of complaining, we need to consider adjusting. Most of us are anxious and angry because we feel hopeless, tired, and left out. But it shouldn’t be like that. All of us are affected by the situation, and there is no exemption to that.


  • Exercise – Spending too much time at home, doing nothing can cause more health issues. It is better to avoid getting too sedentary. We need to keep our bodies moving every day. That is why practicing simple exercises is a must. In case some of us don’t like doing too much, yoga is also a great option. It will make you feel balanced and super grounded, as well.
  • Avoid Too Much Time With Technology – To keep ourselves away from anxiety and stress, we need to cut some time in using digital devices. I know it is a necessity nowadays, especially in this pandemic situation. But there are better things we can do in our house than scrolling and playing with our phones.