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June 2020

When Boredom Strikes (Home Quarantine Issues)

This Coronavirus outbreak is still freaking me out. It does not stop in giving me all these anxiety and stress that I don’t want to experience in the first place. But because I can’t do anything about it, I choose to follow safety measures instead of getting infected with the virus. Thus, I stay at home and quarantine myself. Unfortunately, even though I know how important that is, I can’t help but feel bored.


How Am I Feeling?

Boredom for me right now is like a curse. It feels like a privilege of having free time but nothing to do with it. Of course, there are literally a lot of things I can do to spend my time productively. But unfortunately, I think I already managed to work on some of those. There’s reading, listening to music, binge-watching, playing games, singing karaoke, and the list goes on. But most of these activities are nothing special for me. I mean, I tried to be interested in most of them, but I can’t entirely put the passion into spending an effort on a particular thing.

I do understand that it is my problem, not trying to engage more into the possibilities of finding the right hobby to avoid wasting time. But admittedly, I am very picky when it comes to what things I should do in my spare time. Besides, I probably enjoyed some of the activities I mentioned above. That is why I think no one can force me to do things I don’t like, especially in the comfort of my home. And if I wasn’t that picky, I probably end up doing an entirely pointless activity that provides no particular benefit to my well-being. Thus, it will only serve the purpose of wasting and killing time.


Luckily, as an adult, I have a lot of chores to do. I do the cleaning, laundry, washing the dishes, sweeping the floor, and so on. However, those tasks don’t last that long. Once they are done, it’s useless to do them all over again, not until I have to. Meaning, I need to wait for a couple of hours or days before I can work with the chores again. I get bored often because there are fewer and fewer new things to do every day. There is nothing to discover, and being in home quarantine further restricts me from doing the things I like. Which is, by the way, is spending time outside, traveling to different places, and hanging out with friends.


So that is where boredom strikes. I keep finding myself moping around and trying to look for a purpose because not being able to go out forces my brain to figure out something to do inside. For an extrovert like me, it feels like hell. The thought of having limited access to the things I love the most creates this mental and emotional turmoil. That is why I keep on thinking about how a considerable amount of spare time I have but can’t use or spend productively. And that is what makes me go crazy during this lockdown. Staying home is not and will never become part of the best experiences I can count.


Perhaps if the situation is different and there is no outbreak to think about, boredom won’t happen too often. That is reasonable since I won’t have to spend my whole life inside the four-cornered wall of our house. But since the situation calls for it, I understand the importance of abiding the rules. Besides, I’d instead choose to feel bored all the time than getting caught up in the danger of getting infected with the disease.