How To Get Asthma Relief The Natural Way


Being an asthma patient for years, do you ever dream of the day when you no longer have to carry your inhaler or nebulizer around?

The traditional belief is that only the chemicals these objects contain can save you during an asthmatic attack. They go straight to your troubled lungs once you take a big gulp of air with the device near your nose or mouth. Times changed since then, however, and there are natural ways to get asthma relief.


Find out all about them below.


Avoiding Cigarettes

Smoking or being around a smoker isn’t advisable for an asthmatic individual. The cigarette forces thousands of harmful chemicals in those lungs of yours in exchange for clean oxygen to create carbon dioxide. Rather than giving you relief, therefore, the substances may inflame your airways and cause an attack.


Consuming Ginger


The herbaceous plant has anti-inflammatory properties that may calm the tissues surrounding your air passageways. Old folks usually suck on raw ginger like candy, but if it’s not too palatable, you may ground and brew the root for a few minutes to make tea.


Inhaling Eucalyptus Oil

Do you know why the smell of eucalyptus is soothing? It’s due to eucalyptol, the compound that can decongest your lungs. In case you don’t have the inhaler, keep a bottle of eucalyptus oil in your bag or on your desk and take a whiff of it whenever necessary. A little goes a long way, so it’s a non-expensive alternative too.


Exercising Moderately


Workouts are advisable for people with asthma as they, especially the cardiovascular ones, can strengthen the heart and lungs well. Despite that, it isn’t OK to keep on pushing yourself to go on even when you’re losing oxygen. You can take a break; your trainer or exercise partners will understand why, for sure.


Making Dietary Changes

Quick research will inform you that some food choices may induce asthma, including dyes, processed juices, fast foods, soy, dairy, and wheat. In case you notice that the illness spikes after eating a particular dish, ascertain that you’ll stay away from that immediately. To avoid mishaps, nevertheless, greens can’t lead you to the wrong path.


Taking Precaution In Public

Walking in the streets without nasal protection is enough to switch on the disease. There’s dust, smog, and smoke everywhere, and inhaling them isn’t good for your well-being. While you may merely cover the lower half of your face with your hand, it’s better to put on a gas mask when in public.


Learning Breathing Techniques


When you experience an asthma attack, the initial response of some is to hyperventilate. But that’s not acceptable because you’re only decreasing the amount of air inside your body in that manner. Instead, learn to breathe correctly through meditation, yoga, or Pilates so that you can subdue the issue.


Stopping Stressful Activities

Your home or office may be free from allergens, yet the vast pile of chores and papers you need to handle can also trigger your asthma. Considering you can’t delegate a few of them to others, take things slowly and avoid multitasking.