The Pitfalls Of Undiagnosed ADHD

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The UK Adult Network hosted the 2019 ADHD Conference held at the Mermaid Conference Center. It was organized for two reasons – to gather doctors, parents, people with ADHD, and other participants who wanted to know more about the disorder and to celebrate the tenth year of the network. Because of this, organizers made it more special by inviting actors to perform in a theater play depicting the life of someone with ADHD and how he can overcome the challenges that he faced. One of the most pressing issues in the UK that was also covered during the even was the prevalence of undiagnosed adult ADHD.

The Pitfalls

Adults with ADHD but are not aware of it have a higher likelihood of having more serious problems compared to the general population. Severe sadness, anxiety, and mood swings frequently occur when ADHD is undiagnosed. And if they ever get treated but the underlying problem still exists, it will lead to other issues. People with ADHD get terminated from their jobs often, or they just quit their positions without notice. Because of these, they under-achieve, give up, become extremely sad, or lose confidence. They think of themselves as losers without the chance of succeeding like the rest of the world.

If you can imagine every bad consequence in life, you will probably see these consequences in adults with ADHD more often than in everyone else. Because adults with ADHD no little about caring for themselves, they are more at risk of health problems. And because they don’t know much about planning, they are almost always a day late in whatever needs to happen in their lives – whether it be at work or home. We must do our part in educating the general public about ADHD. This goes the same with mental and medical health professionals. There must be more professionals that can deal with adult ADHD, and the stigma circulating that this is just a childhood condition that is seen in over-active boys must be eliminated.

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Coming up with the appropriate diagnosis and the right treatment plan can save a life. It most certainly can turn a failure into success. It is indeed good news to be diagnosed with ADHD at an early age, or that an individual is diagnosed no matter how old. Life will only get better after the diagnosis has been made. As the person eventually accepts that he has the condition, he will cooperate and follow the necessary treatments prescribed for him. Adults who think that they are struggling more compared to the rest and are having more challenges in life should consider looking into the possibility that they might have ADHD.