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Welcome to the Patients Voice – the place where YOUR VOICE is heard.

The Patients Voice is the forum where patients, their families and friends can participate in a wide variety of market research projects about health care and medicine.

Patients’ opinions have become essential: with the growing number of medical treatments and advice becoming more readily available and accessible, we now have a better understanding of what is happening and the different methods being utilised.

This is why the government, pharmaceutical companies and medical providers are interested in knowing your views so that they can improve their services. This is where YOU – the Patients’ Voice members come in: your contribution is IMPORTANT.

By providing us with your views and opinions through the market research surveys we run, the quality and value of your opinions will pioneer the future services the health care sector provides. Please make your voice heard by joining one of our communities of people (and their carers) who are affected by a medical condition. These communities are made up of individuals who agree to participate in medical or health care market research. Therefore the Patients Voice is yours!

Membership of the Patients Voice is free and is open to anyone. Click here to see some of the medical conditions we cover. To learn more about The Patients’ Voice click on our Terms and Conditions or our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

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