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May 2021


Suicidal Thought


Ever since I found out that my husband was cheating on me, I already knew something terrible would happen to my overall health. No, it is not as though I was already planning to sabotage my well-being so that people could stick around and feel sorry for me. It was not like that. Instead, I knew that I was going to suffer from a devastating emotional and mental health battle. And I was never wrong about it because I eventually endured some of the suicidal thought sooner than I expected.

Suicide Thoughts

When I thought that I was cheated and lied to, the things I valued most went into the trash. Those include my relationship with other people, my self-love and awareness, and my appreciation in life. Everything that revolves around me became my source of hate and condemnation.

I became hateful

I even lost interest in how much I love to live life, especially when I am incapable of almost doing anything, even for the benefit of myself.


I am afraid to talk about my feelings, and I do not want to say them aloud. I do not want people to think that I am after their attention and show signs of weakness because I need to validate my bad, harmful ideation. I don’t want that. As much as possible, I don’t want anyone to know that I am mentally and emotionally drifting. Besides, I do not want my husband to think that what he did to me was his winning moment. I do not want him to underestimate me.

But even if I tried my best not to give in, I always find myself constantly feeling alone. I hate that I experienced something like this that is awfully painful and genuinely heartbreaking. Due to this cheating issue, I was never the same. I often have this sentiment that I am a total shit because I am constantly at the end of the rope feeling doubtful of everybody. I feel like I am in a dark hole, where nobody sees me getting trapped into an unknown world where there is no way out. I feel so hopeless that I consider death as an opinion only to stop my anguish.

Prioritize People

But I didn’t pay too close attention to telling anyone what is in my head because it just come and go. But sometimes, even if I can shrug off these notions, I still fear them. I know my notions represent a psychological problem that can push me to do it one of these days. How sure am I with that? It is because I attempted to look for several options on how to accomplish a sudden death. With that sort of thought and behavior, I realized that there is a need to talk about it.



At first, I thought that to get rid of my suicidal thoughts, all I have to do is talk to some of my friends or family members about the things that are bothering me. Once I managed to tell them what was on my mind, they would automatically understand what I am going through. However, when I decided to discuss my mental and emotional issues with them, I lost them. The moment I opened up my feelings to the people I love, it instantly created a gap. That is because these people were unable to grasp my condition. Some think that I am overreacting, while others believe the problem was not as big a deal as I thought.

With that, I chose a different path and went to vent out my emotions to a stranger. That is where I decided to undergo a counseling service. Self-harm counseling provided me with a glimmer of hope to keep me going. The counselor somehow helped me think clearly and thought that all this heartache and suicidal ideation should not influence my will of living. Counseling prevented me from doing something that I honestly do not want to do. It made me rethink my goals in life and enabled me to accomplish a fast emotional and thought recovery.


My Takeaways About Suicidal Thinking

I desire to feel better because I now think that life has so much more to offer. Therefore, I will not let these notions control me. I am glad that I decided to seek a professional counseling service because I would not know if I’d suicide if I had not considered it.

Thankfully, I don’t think of those dark ideas now.

I am positive that whenever the negative idea of doing suicide will reach my thoughts again, I know I can count on encouraging and motivating myself for overall wellness.


Need For Counseling

When do you think you need help?

when should you consider seeking counseling?

Counseling: Why Counseling?

You Are Feeling Sad And Lonely For No Particular Reason

Feeling sad or lonely for no particular reason could be an indicator that you need counseling. Usually, this could be something that could often be ignored, especially when you were used to feeling emotional without doing counseling. But when that emotional instability makes you cry without warning then you need to pay attention because there might be something wrong, and you might need counseling. If that sadness and loneliness bring you to the point where you couldn’t control your tears and started thinking of counseling, you could know that you are emotionally full in counseling.

You need to pay attention in counseling because there might be something wrong.

Counseling Matters

You Are Overthinking About Negative Things That Don’t Really Matter

A counseling expert would agree that it is okay to think about things in a day-to-day matter. It helps with the development of your skills, comprehension, and emotional intelligence. But when that thinking focuses only on the negative ones and tends to go overboard, it indicates a strong reason for counseling. That is because the sheer amount of negativity that sticks around could make you shut down. You get loaded with unwanted thought cycles that contribute to the challenging overall function. Counseling experts believe that this constant negative thinking habit could make you lose your self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-worth. Overthinking could ruin your disposition and influence you not to improve, hence the need for counseling. It could even damage your problem-solving skills and decision-making abilities. Without counseling, it could cause too much mental and emotional exhaustion as it could bring you to the verge of constantly fighting with yourself. Counseling helps so seek counseling support.


Heed to counseling when unhealthy habits creep in.

Counseling Works

What Are The Things That Can Make You Consider Counseling?

You Are Slipping Into Old Unhealthy Habits

According to a counseling expert, there are instances when even if you try so hard to get rid of stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms, you often see yourself as weak and vulnerable without counseling. The unfortunate thing about that situation is that it makes you return to the negative habits you once thought you already let go of. These are things that you couldn’t fight back against when you are emotionally and mentally unstable such as isolation, eating disorder, alcohol abuse, gambling, sleep deprivation, toxic lifestyle, etc. When that happens, you need to set your goals straight and be mindful of the consequences of your actions. Heed counseling as soon as possible when you find these unhealthy habits creeping in. Please do not assume that these slipups are not a big deal because they could still cause inflicting health injuries in the long run. When you get to this point, get yourself back to counseling. See your counseling advisor immediately.

Now it is time to ask yourself. Look inside you and ask yourself if counseling is the answer. Do you really need to see a counselor to resolve things in your life?

Counseling’s Safe

You Are Experiencing Uncontrollable Emotions

One way to know you need counseling is when your emotions are getting in control, and there’s not much you could do about it. It usually represents an angry outburst that creates complicated situations despite knowing yourself not being like that. Most times, when your emotions are in control, you struggle with communicating with other people as you immediately think of them as a threat or nuisance. At some point, counseling experts added that you might easily get upset for small reasons, and you do not look into some contributing factors that might control your rage. So a counseling expert would suggest that when you feel that you are helpless to see a different perspective and solely focus on your rage, you need to let it out. Consider the underlying benefits of reaching out for counselor advice or counseling to talk about your uncontrollable feelings so you could process them through the counseling treatment.


reach out for counseling

Counseling Helps

Know When To Get Professional Counseling Help

You know you need counseling when friends and family could not take your emotional and mental exhaustions all in. Counseling suggests it’s okay to limit strangers as much as you want. But be mindful that your friends and family are not exempted from the possible emotional and mental impact. If you are uncertain about your emotional and mental health, always remember that you could always seek counseling anytime. Your counseling advisor recommends that you could recognize it sooner rather than later. Because despite your optimism and known ability to handle things on your own, there could be a certain moment when seeing a counseling counselor, talking things out, going to counseling, and having unbiased opinions could provide counseling benefits to process through.

Counseling suggests it’s okay to limit strangers. But be mindful that your friends and family are not exempted from the possible emotional and mental impact.


Final Thoughts About Counseling Treatment

There could be no limit to the advantage you could get from counseling, and seeing a counseling expert could change everything. Aside from counseling counselors’ unbiased opinions, counseling pros could offer assistance, tools, and suitable counseling techniques for your counseling needs.

Seek counseling advice now!